Gospel Doctrines, Principles, Applications

Gospel vs. Culture.

Doctrines & Policies.

“The Church is True” or “The Gospel is True”.

There’s a lot of discussion today among members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints about these ideas and other, related concepts. Regular changes within the Church make the topics increasingly interesting.

In working through and wrestling with these notions, I’ve found the model below to be useful. I hope you find it useful too.

Doctrines _ Principles _ Applications.png

As indicated, the three columns on the right are from David A. Bednar‘s book Increase in Learning. The rest is my attempt at showing the various types of applications that exist. There is much more to be written on the subject, especially as it relates to our obedience to various applications and our judgment of other people’s obedience to various applications.

There also an opportunity to explore specific doctrines, principles, and applications through this model. This is my first pass at using the model to better understand The Word of Wisdom:

Doctrines _ Principles _ Applications - examples - Blank Mind Map

I hope you find this useful. I hope to continue refining the model and using it to better understand God’s plan, His kingdom, and my role in it.

Please share your thoughts and comments below or via direct message.

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